...and to answer your question.....

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...and to answer your question.....

Post  Orange_Dot on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:44 pm

Well, recently, every time I've come online, awsomeCGuy has asked me "Why am I banned From The Family?". Even though I answer it and you ask again....I've made this post. Hopefully it will answer your ignorance.

Reasons for banning awsomeCGuy (From Oldest to new):

----=----> Spammed several times
----=----> Was muted [Criminal Record]
----=----> Was warned several times by elders to stop spamming
----=----> When adressing elders, used disrespect
----=----> Ignored an elder because he "Was Tired of the conversation"
----=----> Denied the ones higher ^^^^^^
----=----> Was temp. bannished
----=----> Later unbanished
----=----> Still used disrespect to elders
----=----> After our base was greifed, he defased the Elder Councils room, a holy place, into "Awsomes Lair"
----=----> Temp Banished Again
----=----> Unbanished after waiting his tikme
----=----> Used disrepect AGAIN
----=----> Told an elder (Death) to Quote On Quote: "Shut The Fuck Up!"
----=----> Had connections with the infamous hacker TGM and traitor Ign
----=----> Refused to loose connections with Ign
----=----> Lied about telling death to "Shut The Fuck Up"
----=----> Perm. Bannished

----=----> Created a clan titled: Anti-Family
----=----> Used "Fuck" When adressing all the members

Okay awsome, I know you apoligized after we used our iron fist to destroy the anti-family, but You still have a huge whomping list. If you continue to pester me about "Why am I banned" or "Why wont you let me in?" It counts as spam. I hope the moderators will take this into account. I am sorry awsome, because I had to sum this all into a nutshell in mc, but it's too late. It appears youv'e had...... about 21 chances to redeem thyself. I have answered your questions. Goodbye awsome.

Grand Elder, and high rank of the family,


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Re: ...and to answer your question.....

Post  OldManStarcraft on Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:05 am

to be honist the anti family didnt live for even 15 hours lol.

Day 1
5-7 am
11-12 am
got like 7 members
5:26 pm
OldManStarcraft ALONE crushed 5 anti family members and got one of them to betray the rest.

Day 2
there was no day 2

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