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The Family Blog! : How to get into our clan! Empty The Family Blog! : How to get into our clan!

Post  Orange_Dot on Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:24 pm

Well hai everyone! Orange_Dot here! I'm the 2nd grand elder in the elder council of our clan. We have ranks and such. Highest rank is OldManStarcraft, The Grandfather. Then the Elder Council-> Grand Elders: TeaMenV , Cy294, and I. Elder(s): TheDeathLoGic . Then our children: EllaTheAwsome, Etc. When you are first ask, you are judged with the following process:

----=---> Wether you are annoying, or fun to be around
----=---> How much money you donated to the server (For Tpa Tpahere purposes)
----=---> How many votes you get from the elder council
---=----> How you respect us
If you get a go, you start as the following rank: Slave. Dont think of it to bad...we are basicly just testing you. I will say WAIT when you sak a second or third time. WAIT Means wait for a week as a slave. If you are watched by elders and they think you are trusted, you will be promoed to child. NOTE: Children MAY be in the HQ. Slaves are in other locations like the slave mines.

How to NOT get in the family:
----=---> Spam the elders with "Y catn I git in teh familz?"
----=---> Tell higher ranks "Shut The Fuck Up"
----=---> Say "Fuck You" After waiting 5 hours instead of a week
----=---> Ask when you are on the following BANNED FOR EVER list:

Banished Forever list:
Benowave0000 (Traitor) [Assisted a greifing mission on his own HQ]
AwsomeCGuy (Traitor) [Disrespected higher ranks and made an anti-family clan]
p0wnedqueen (Enemy) Never in our clan, but lead a group named Anti-Cawks AKA Anti-Family
Ignitionsk8r (Traitor) After being a high rank, he greifed the base using HACKED items
TGMHades (Traitor) After being a high rank, he hacked and greifed our base
Capt_Bronco (Wannabe) Assisted the anti-family group (BTW IT FAILED)

[Changes may occur]

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